Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Boar Hunting Operations

Do you charge by the day?

How many days can I stay?

Do you rent weapons?

How many hogs can I shoot?

Do you accommodate handicap or disabled individuals?

I have never been hunting, can I come hunt for the first time?

Are these hogs really that mean?

What is the closest airport to fly into?

Why do you discourage .223/556?

Do you offer any discounts or package hunts?

What predators or varmints do you have?

Are there places to donate my meat I don't want to take it home?

Can I have my meat processed during my stay?

Is there a taxidermist you recommend in the area if by chance I shoot a hog I want to have mounted?

Can I bring non-hunting guests?

Do you provide meals?

The Boar Store

What is your return policy?


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